The Sea of Cortez scenic coastal highway region is fast becoming a very attractive development area that has attracted the attention of many prominent dignitaries and industrialists from around the world who have purchased large parcels for development along the Sea of Cortez in Baja, California, Mexico. These notable individuals include a spanish oil & gas magnate, a former president of the México, and the world’s richest man!

Due to the new-found popularity of this coastal gateway region and its anticipated effect upon the economic growth of Baja California, government agencies are aggressively acting to reposition the image of this area from a sleepy fishing community to a world-class residential devleopment and tourism destination. When fully realized, these planned developments in the Sea of Cortez gateway region will comprise the fastest growing group of planned communities in Baja and one of the largest development areas in all of México.

Located just south of the border with the United States, this region boasts great beaches famous for their gentle tides, rock-free shore and calm surf. 

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PhotoCityPriceSizeTypeTaxesCreated DateDevelopment Level
9 photos
$506 Lots and Land $27.00 (2018) 17-Oct-2018 Land Only
5 photos
San Felipe $9,000 17,223 sq. ft. Lots and Land $9,000.00 23-Aug-2018 Land Only
Sale Pending
16 photos
Ensenada County (South of San Felipe) SALE PENDING
1,300 sq. ft. Residential $0.00 17-Aug-2018 Built
6 photos
San Felipe $82,000 3,223 sq. ft. Lots and Land  (1) 08-Aug-2018 Land Only
6 photos
San Felipe $87,000 3,224 sq. ft. Lots and Land 22-Aug-2018 Land Only
7 photos
San Felipe $89,995 1,720 sq. ft. Residential $0.00 06-Nov-2018 Under Construction
6 photos
$113,000 322,779 sq. ft. Lots and Land $31.00 23-Aug-2018 Land Only
4 photos
San Felipe $115,000 4,850 sq. ft. Lots and Land $79.00 (1) 22-Aug-2018 Land Only
18 photos
South of San Felipe, Baja, Mexico $135,989 Lots and Land $28.44 (2017) 23-Aug-2018 Land Only
Sale Pending
30 photos
2,650 sq. ft. Residential $79.00 (1) 11-Aug-2018 Built
8 photos
Nuevo Ensenada (South of San Felipe) $325,000 Lots and Land $39.00 (2018) 15-Sep-2018 Land Only
4 photos
Ensenada County (on Sea of Cortez) $345,000 Lots and Land 23-Aug-2018 Land Only